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Board Certified Criminal Lawyers: Do Not Try to Defend Yourself

There is no need to ever try to represent yourself in court, especially when the charge can carry substantial penalties if you lose your case. Not only does the law provide for defense by a court appointed criminal attorney, there are other options to consider as well. It is strongly recomended that you use a Board Certified criminal defense lawyer.

If you have never been arrested before, this is very likely to be the scariest time in your life. A good criminal defense attorney can guide you through each step of the process, and can help you find the right defense for the charge you are facing. Depending on where you are arrested, your age at the time of the alleged crime and the severity of the crime, you will first want to find Board Certified criminal attorneys to help you get bonded out of jail so that you can focus on your defense more clearly.

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Some of the more serious crimes may be declared "un-bondable" by the courts in your area and can include homicide, aggravated assault and other serious offenses against others as well as crimes against property that are extensive. It may also be deemed in your own best interest to deny you bond, for instance if many people in the community may be looking for retaliation. In some jurisdictions, other crimes may mean a delay in bond as well.

Once you are bonded out, a Board Certified criminal attorney may have several guidelines that he will want you to follow while the case is being prepared. Before he can proceed, he will have to wait for discovery, which is the exchange of all information that the prosecutor has against you, including all witnesses that he intends to call against you, statements that were made and other pieces of evidence. During discovery, your own criminal attorney will have to give the prosecution all evidence that is gathered for your side as well.

Before the case goes to trial, your criminal lawyer will probably have a meeting with you, possibly several, where he will coach you on your responses to questions and what your reactions should be. He will also give you pointers about what he would like to see as far as your appearance as well. A good criminal attorney may try to avoid trial altogether by trying for a plea agreement with the prosecuting attorney. He will make an offer for a lesser offense or possibly point out the number of holes in the prosecution's case in an effort to get the case thrown out.

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